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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

I never truly know what I am going to blog about. I try to stick to the schedule that my meticulously  organized partner and I have created. I really want to do so but then I get inspired….my inspiration is usually off course but so strong that I can’t turn back. I think that this piece of myself is really why I decided to blog in the first place. Its the piece that I felt the urge to share with others~ the real stuff, the heartfelt, my truth.



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Truth is life can be overwhelming. It can be really hard, really messy, and really chaotic. You see, its 10:15 pm and Im in the middle of tackling a sink full of dishes that have been waiting for me since dinner. Dinnertime has been squeezed into a small window of opportunity after football practice and bedtime. Football players require scrubbing, teething babies require consoling, and clients require return emails.  Im determined to have the house completely tidy before I go to bed when I feel this sudden urge to write.

As summer slowly fades into fall, life is suddenly traveling at a much faster pace. Sometimes I feel like I am living on an amusement ride. Spinning, and spinning until all my surroundings have fuzzy edges, and are seemingly unfamiliar. If I had a dollar for every time I have spoken or heard another mother speak the words, “Im trying to find the balance” I would be so very wealthy!

The balance can be between self care and caring for others. The balance could be running your own business and running a household. It can be between a a successful partnership and successful roles in parenthood. It might be finding balance between an organized plan and spontaneity. The balance could simply be between what feels like work, and the joy of play.

As I navigate through the many roles that I want to do so well and perfect I am endlessly searching out strategies and tools to get to a place of satisfaction. This ultimate goal of satisfaction being a state of happiness, content, and accomplishment united. It is to take all of my scattered puzzle pieces and find a way to fit them together one by one until they make a beautiful picture.

Life should be messy, but it should be so very beautiful too. It should be challenging, but not so that your weak and tired. When you start to spin so fast that you no longer recognize the details of your surroundings is when you stop the ride. Ground your feet, breathe deep, gather your bearings, center your heart, and decide which direction to start to fearlessly walk straight towards.

There are so many woman who work this balance beam of life so very well, I look to these powerful woman for endless inspiration and use them as my mentors on this course.  I share with you links to these wonderful resources and hope you all find their work as powerful and life altering as I do. Please share in the comments some of the resources that help you to find balance in your life.

x Danielle

Louise Hay


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