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Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

A.Fogarty PhotographySeptember? Where did you come from. It feels like just yesterday we had the whole summer ahead of us with bucket lists, endless vacation days and sunshine for months to come. Slowly but surely (it always does) September crept up on us. School’s starting, fall is coming and we all are wishing for a pause button to put our life on hold. Unfortunately, there is no pause button in life and we have to cherish and capture memories before they slip away. With that being said, today we are sharing a sweet end of summer photo session with Co-Editor Danielle and her boys captured by me, our other Co-Editor, A.Fogarty Photography.

A.Fogarty Photography

Have you ever heard the saying that “you’re never going to be younger than you are right now.” I know it’s a silly concept to think about but it couldn’t be more true. As I get older I realize how fast time really goes. I no longer have moments of boredom – only moments of rushing to meet deadlines and cramming in activities that I know I won’t have time for later. Sometimes we get so busy living that we forget to create a life.

A.Fogarty Photography

As a photographer I’m partial to this idea that photographs are one of the only ways to stop time and relive memories. Sure we have our typical newborn session, senior photos and then maybe the next time you encounter a photographer is on your wedding day. Ya, maybe you’re getting all the “big” moments captured, but what about all the little ones in between? Those are the ones that really capture the best memories.

A.Fogarty Photography

So take time out of your busy life and schedule a photo shoot with your family. Capture your personalities, your growth, your love and the essence of being together. Because before you know it, your baby is going off to college then right after that – they’re going to have a family of their own. You are never younger than you are right now. Capture it. Relive it. Embrace it. And have it to look back on for years to come.

A.Fogarty Photography

And a little advice: The best photos are not the ones where you are all yelling “cheese” at me with fake smiles on your face or the posed portrait of you all in jeans and a white t-shirt matching like one big happy family. The best photos are the candid ones. The spontaneous ones. The uncontrollable laughter. The tenderness of a big brother helping his little one. The ones where you get in the water in your clothes, even though your mother told you not to. The ones where your clothing represents your style which in turn represents your personality. Your family photography session should not be like pulling teeth. It should be fun, one that you look back on and remember and love the experience just as much as you cherish the photos themselves. Make the investment in your family photos. You will be thankful that you did.

A.Fogarty Photography

Want more help? Maybe you’re just not the creative type but want photos that really tell the story of your family. Want help with outfit coordination? Set-style? Hire us as a team. Amanda from A.Fogarty photography will team up with Danielle from Daniella, Inc. to help you create the most epic family session that will capture the true essence of your bond. Contact us directly through or visit A.Fogarty Photography’s website.

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