25 Minute Vacation Workout

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

25 Minute Vacation Workout


Anyone that knows me knows that I live a crazy busy lifestyle. I’m always on the go have and have an overflowing to-do list at all times – needless to say, I always have something I should be doing. Lately with time being scarce, I’ve put working out on the back burner. Something I always said I wouldn’t do – but here I am, little time to spare and it’s an easy thing let go. But I’m back! I’ve come to the realization that 20-30 minutes of physical activity is better than not at all and I could probably use a 20 minute break from behind my computer screen.

The past two weeks I’ve been at Drew’s Lake in Linnenus, Maine. A small town right outside my hometown. I rented a sweet little lake house where I’ve been enjoying a “working” vacation. With three weddings and countless seniors and engagement sessions I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. But if you are anything like me, where you travel a lot or are always on the go it makes it really hard to make time to workout. But this week I have put in a conscious effort and I’ve been feeling great. So today I’m sharing with you my 25 minute on vacation, at home, no equipment, full body (whatever you want to call it) workout. It works all your major muscles, gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat – best of all, you’re done in under 30 minutes! So grab your sneaks, a good pandora playlist and head outside for an easy to follow Add Meraki workout.






1. Stairs, Hills or Just run in Place (two steps at a time x 5)

jumping jacks

2. Jumping Jacks (10 reps x 5)

plank & crunches

3. Planks into Pushup (10 times x 5)

4. Crunches (10 times x 5)

side plank

5. Side Plank Pulses (10 times x 5)tricep dip

6. Tricep Dips (10 times x 5)

7. Squats (10 times x 5) not pictured

I like to do one set of everything then repeat 5 times through (like a circuit)

but it’s completely up to you!

Do it in any order you like and as many sets or reps to fit your pace.

water kayak

Other alternative workouts I’ve been enjoying while out at camp have been kayaking, yoga and 3 mile runs.

What’s your favorite at home workout?


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