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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


Have you seen the endless amounts of flower crowns on Pinterest and ever wondered how to make your own? Maybe you thought it would be too hard or too expensive? Well today on Add Meraki we are sharing easy steps on how to make your own floral crown for under $20. All you need is flowers and a quick trip to A.C.Moore. Here is exactly what I used for materials, (also you might need super duper scissors to make the process easier)

Materials – under $20

2 Bouquets of real flowers – I got mine at Whole Foods for buy one get on free.

Cloth/Floral Wire – $2 A.C.Moore

Floral  Tape -$5 A.C.Moore

Paddle Wire – $2 A.C.Moore

Now let’s get started.

Take two of the cloth floral wires and tightly twist together.

Pull tight so the wire is in place – feel free to add floral tape for extra strength or to cover any pokey wires. This will be the back of the flower crown.

*Note: When using floral tape make sure to pull tightly to make it stick.

Work your way from the two front sides to the back by placing greenery first. Leave a little bit of wire on both sides to eventually tighten together to make the crown whole.

To attach the greenery and flowers, place the materials on the larger wire and wrap the smaller wire around in a few places to keep in place – cover with floral tape when needed.

Then add individual flower buds. Leave a little bit of stem to wrap the wire around and then cover the wire with floral tape when needed.

Keep placing until you have a design you like. When placing the flowers think about what you want the crown to look like from every angle and distinguish what will be the front.

Cover any loose wires with floral tape for safety and looks.

Once you have all your flowers in the correct spot – place the crown around your head and take the remaining wire on the two front sides and twist together to fit. There is no wrong way of making a floral crown. Use your own creativity and make a statement! Tag us in  yours with #addmeraki

To see more of this floral crown inspiration shoot – head over to A.Fogarty Photography’s Blog



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