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Sunday, July 26th, 2015

The word lifestyle has many different meanings. It could mean the things you choose to do with your free time, your hobbies and activities you enjoy. It could also mean the way you interact with people, or raise your children. It could be the way you keep your home and your decorating styles. For me the definition of lifestyle is the way that you edit your life. How do you translate fashion and edit your daily appearance into a style you want to represent you? How do you prepare your meals and present your daily food intake? In what ways do you bring creativity and individuality to your daily activities? Its important that we personalize and add intent to each and every thing we do throughout the day. It makes everyday perhaps monotonous routines feel special and unique. It’s a shift in perception that will bring joy, happiness and more soulful experiences. I’ts a presence in each and every minute of your day. It’s blessing your soul, mind, and body.

I edit my life to reflect the beauty that I want to surround me. I prepare a variety of fun and colorful food presentations for my family. Pouring a pinch of soul, a dash of art, and a dusting of love allows your food to be blessed and nourish your body better. When I get dressed each day I allow my clothing decisions to reflect the mood that I want to surround me. Do I want to feel energized? Or be wrapped in comfort? Do I want to feel powerful? Or do I want have more peace? If you mindfully select items that honor your current mindset you will be amazed at what a powerful effect it can have on the productivity of your day.

The power of the mind is the most amazing power that we have as human beings. We can literally shift our entire lives through our perceptions alone. Try this, It’s easy and life altering. When you get up tomorrow take a few moments before you get dressed. Whether you are in the shower or still lying in bed, ask yourself what you want or need out of the day? Do you need to be super productive and meet a deadline at work? Or perhaps do you need a sense of belonging within your community? Do you want to beat a personal record at the gym? Or get the confidence to say hello to a love interest? Once you have determined what your personal needs are try and think about what colors, patterns, textures, or metals are brought to mind when you think of the behavior you have chosen.

For example, red is an energetic and powerful color. When coupled with a lively pattern and smooth tactile texture it can be have a dominating effect. The color family of blue and neutrals provide us with a feeling of peaceful serenity. When paired with a soft surface of cashmere, or a high end cotton it can provide a feeling of comfort, or belonging. A statement necklace in a silver metal can provide a woman with a feeling of empowerment. An old pair of worn in jeans and a button down can provide a sense of belonging.

Edit your morning tomorrow with clothing and accessories that reflect you on a soulful level and share with me how it transforms your day. I would love to hear it! If you need some guidance comment below and I will style your week for you!

Here are 5 rocking styled outfits, hand selected and curated by Moi with a little love, a pinch of passion, and an ounce of intent! Get these items all under $50.00 while they are available. There are so many great quality staple pieces that will work with many of your mindful, lifestyle decisions! Links below outfits for direct shopping.

Wishing you all a beautiful week!
X Danielle

1. Denim Shirt  Textured weave shorts  Open-toe Wedge Booty

2. Frilled Neck Blouse Faded Denim Skirt


3. Embroidered Blouse Pleated Trouser Pants

4. Sleeveless Blouse Embroidered Shorts Leather bomber

5. Floral Openwork Blouse  Leather Pencil Skirt  Open Ankle Booties 



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