Breakfast in Bed Series, Part Two

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography

If you have been keeping up with us on social media or following my personal Instagram (@afogartyphoto) you’ve probably seen my styled session with Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography called “Breakfast in Bed” – if not, you can check it out here. You wouldn’t believe all the comments I got about our “part one” which involved a lazy Sunday morning of me and my boyfriend hanging around in our Calvins and cooking some yummy omelets with a coffee in hand. But most of the comments ended with them asking, “when do I get to see part two!?” Well ladies and gents, here it is. The highly anticipated – part two of our Breakfast in Bed Series where my boyfriend, Cole, and I enjoy sweet mimosas and a delicious crepes (my favorite!) – consider it breakfast dessert or the after party after breakfast in bed!


Crepes have always been my favorite breakfast indulgence – but lately I’ve been switching up the recipe to make myself feel a tad-bit less guilty. I’ve been using whole wheat flour and almond milk which you can find right at your local grocery. But I can’t resist the perfect combination of nutella & raspberries. In reality, you can add anything you want! My mom loves brown sugar and butter – where some just like a little syrup! If you find a combination you really love, share it with us on social media by tagging us in your post or using #addmeraki.


So we hope you enjoy our styled Breakfast in Bed Series, Part Two – keep scrolling for gorgeous images captured by my talented best friend, Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography, and a complete style guide and recipe!
Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography Mackenzie Lamoureux PhotographyMackenzie Lamoureux Photographybreakfast in bed part two style guide


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1.5 cups milk (we used almond milk)

1 cup flour (we used whole-wheat)

2 eggs

1 tablespoon of cooking oil


In a bowl combine milk, flour, eggs & oil. Beat until well mixed. Heat a lightly greased skillet. Spoon 2 tablespoons of the batter; evenly spread throughout the pan. Brown one side only – flip other side to lightly cook. Repeat with remaining batter. Makes 18.

Add fresh fruit, brown sugar, nutella or whatever you fancy for a nice breakfast treat!

Note: I always screw up the first one I make. It takes a little practice to learn how to evenly spread the batter. It should be thinner than a pancake so you can roll it up. 




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