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Monday, July 20th, 2015

I am currently still swooning over a beautiful NYC weekend with my family. Sometimes the best vacations are last minute, spontaneous decisions where you throw together essentials and hope for an adventure. This last weekend was one of those. We have coined them “runaways” and our children think they are just the best. They might be short stays but the memories made will  be engrained forever.
New York City is such a fun city at any season. There are endless things to do and see for any and all ages. The energy of this city is unparalleled by any other in our country, you simply cannot help but leave feeling energized. We typically take this trip a few times a year, as a designer I love the constant source of inspiration and sourcing I can find, as a mother I love the experiences it allows my children. We have experienced lots of different places and still have a long list of things to do for our next time. I highly recommend a “runaway” vacation to NYC for any family.

The New York Palace located along Madison in Midtown Manhattan offers one of the finest accommodations that the city has to offer.  The spectacular room views of the famous St.Patricks Cathedral are magnificent to awake to. Our go to for hotel bookings is hotwire.com last minute specials offer 5 star accommodations at amazing savings.

Centrally located in the heart of the city this location is short walks to Fifth, Times Square, and Central Park. Our favorite way to travel to Central Park is by the adorable red bicycles that the hotel offers as first come, first serve to their guests. Citi bikes are available throughout the city as well, I highly recommend it!

Central Park, the plushest landscape in the city is always on our list for a place for the kids to get out all that beautiful pent up energy they have after the long ride. After a road trip, several hours of running through the park will get them prepared for any lines or waiting at our next destination. Central Park is bustling with joggers, bicycles, and canoes this time of year. You cant help but feel good when you are surrounded by such activity.

My second favorite form of transportation in the city is Uber. This genius platform enables you to have clean, cost effective transportation to all five boroughs. When you sign up you receive a $20 credit and you get credits for all of your friends that download the app as well. Lyft.com also offers you three free rides and additional credits for sharing. We spent the entire weekends travel on credits. Pretty Darn Savvy!


The best way to fully grasp the depth of NYC is from the top of the Empire State Building. My children loved the simulated journey through its history and the “fast pass” trek to the top. Short wait times= Happy Parents & Children. The investment in this pass this well worth it.

My children are avid sports fans & Yankees Stadium breaths their language. Each trip to NYC is not complete without catching a home game (we actually only go when we know they are playing). An hour and a half before game time they arrive to run through the bleachers, watch players at batting practice, and hope to snag an autograph from one of their idols. Our go to ticket agent is vivid seats. Often times players sell their seats through the use of the agents here. You can get incredible seats at great price points.


Summer Trips to the city can get hot really quick. The place to be when the temperatures rise is at the Piers. Located on The Hudson River the piers offer food, outdoor water play, air & space museum and boat trips to the landmarks. The best eat at the Piers is at North River Lobster Co. on P
ier 86. This boat restaurant is sightseeing, sun, & seafood all wrapped into one. The quality of the food is great and there is no additional fee for the boat ride.



Ending a vacation is never fun. My kids just hate when they know it is time to start the trek for home. We have found a way to perfect our NYC trip endings. Serendipity 3is the ultimate luxury in desserts. World Renowned for their chocolate perfection they hold the Guiness Book of World Records for the most expensive sundae in the world. Its eclectic decor, fun wait staff, and incomparable treats make this place the perfect sweet cherry on top of our NYC “runaways”. 



Every memory deserves to be documented, my boys have a tradition that I love. During the ride or flight home from vacations they write about their travels. I hope when they get older they will have these pages that hold our memories created.

X Danielle




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