Fourth of July Dessert

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

We are prepping for our fourth of july festivities. Packing our picnic basket for our lobster bake at the oceanside. I love to create dishes that compliment the holiday or theme. This year I wanted to find a unique presentation for dessert. I made these adorable personalized shortcake treats. They were so easy to make and really are most convenient for packing up. I think the kids will love having their own special treat.




If you would like to try these for yourself you will need:

1. Mini Mason Jars

2. Fruits of choice (I chose raspberries, blueberries, snd strawberries)

3. Whipped Cream (I used fresh whipped cream topping)

4. Vanilla Cake (I used a gluten free version)

5. Sparklers (I found these adorabl
e star sparklers at Little in the Old Port) 

6. Name Tags

7. Red or Festive ribbon



1. Make your cake.

I made my vanilla cake using my tried and true ATK Gluten Free Cookbook. Its a tedious recipe but when done right it is second to none. (Note. It did take me two tries tonight)

After the cake has cooled, cut into bite sized squares.

2. Fill the jar

Fill Mason jars with your combination of cream, cake, and fruit, Layering each item until you have filled the jar completely.

3. Decorate your jars. Get Creative! Ribbon, Tassels, Name tags…endless ideas!

4. Enjoy! Thats it’s! Sweet. Simple. Fun. Love.




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